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Are you planning to renovate your home? If you are, you must look for window grill designs to give your house a modern look. While curtains, draperies, and shades are ideal for decorating windows, decorative window grill ideas and bars are also becoming popular. A simple window grill design is not only going to beautify your home, but also reduce the risk of intruders. 

In Indore, you can find a traditional grill jali in almost every house. Modernization has brought out many new window grill ideas that can help you decorate your windows while staying safe. If you are looking for window grill services for your home, then here are some latest grill designs you can choose from.

Best Window Grill Ideas to Beautify your Home

1. Traditional Grill

The traditional or classic grill designs can be found in many Indian houses. This window grill design has a curved top which gives your house a traditional look. You can blend different intricate designs or modern floral motifs to this window grill idea. Even if you have a modern house, you can use this grill idea to make it look iconic and give it a traditional feel.

2. Castle Grill Design

This type of grilles designs were used in old times for castle windows. If you want your home to give off vintage or royal vibes, then this grill idea is the best for you. You can use wrought iron grilles or steel grilles to make this design. 

3. Grill with Modern Proportions

This grill idea is usually chosen for wall-sized windows. It gives a classic and modern look to the house. If you are looking for modern windows grill design ideas then you should definitely check this design out. It also works as a wall divider when used inside the house. 

4. Custom Grill Design

Custom grill designs are also quite popular. You can hire custom fabrication services and get custom-made window grilles for your house. You can choose a design according to the structure or color scheme of your house. You can even choose customized indoor window grill ideas for your home.

5. Steel Window Grill Design 

Many people in India choose steel grilles for their homes. Though it is more prone to rust and gets damaged easily, it looks really good. You can choose a stainless steel grill if your window is away from direct water exposure. This grill idea will give your home a modern look. 

6. Wall-mounted Grilles 

Wall-mounted grilles are the best option if you are concerned about safety. As they are fixated directly on the wall, they are harder to remove. Wall-mounted grilles are usually made using mild steel to make them look better and have a shiny appearance. You can hire mild steel fabrication services to give these grilles a customized look.

7. White and Black Grilles Design

White and black can be easily coordinated with any other color. A black or white-colored iron window grill can easily work with the color scheme of the house. A black and white grill design will also give your home a classy and sophisticated look. 

8. Window Grilles with Gardening Space

This house window grill design idea is a favorite of many nature lovers. You can put plants in the space between the window and the grill. This will provide the required sunlight and air for the plant to grow and also make your home beautiful.

9. Iron Window Grill Design

A simple iron grill can make your house look even more beautiful than before. Iron being a versatile metal can work well with any kind of window. This has made iron window grilles a preferred choice for many house owners. You can choose a geometric or ornate grill design to give your window a charming look. 

10. Aluminum Window Grilles

Aluminum window grill ideas are loved by many modern and contemporary homeowners. A mesh aluminum grill design will work great with sliding windows. It will also give a modern look to traditional windows.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Window Grill

1. Material

grilles can be made from many different metals. Choosing the right material for your grill is as important as choosing the design. Aluminum, steel, and wrought iron grilles are the most popular in India. Here are some things you should know about these metals before choosing one-


Steel grilles are very popular. They are durable but prone to rust and dirt accumulation. Steel is also quite expensive compared to other materials. Choose steel grilles if your window is away from direct water exposure. 


Iron is also very popular. It is very heavy and powerful. Iron grilles are the best option for homes and offices.


It is the lightest material, which makes it easier to customize. Aluminum is used to create stylish grilles. If you want your home to look modern and stylish, then aluminum grilles are best for you.

2. Size of the Grill

Window grilles come in all sizes. You can choose grill designs according to your preference and taste. If you are focused on safety then small spaced grilles should be good for you. But, if you are seeking grilles that allow free airflow, you ought to go for bigger models. Both big and small-spaced grilles have their advantages, so make sure that you are choosing the right size depending on the function you expect the grilles to play in your property.

3. Types of Grill

The most common types of grilles are sliding and fixed. Fixed grilles offer maximum security to homeowners. On the other hand, sliding grilles are more beautiful and stylish. You can choose the type of grilles according to your preference. 


With so many ideas you can easily choose the grill design for your windows. A simple grill design will not only make your home beautiful but also make it safe. If you wish to get more information on grill designs and grill fabrications, talk to an expert at some reputed fabrication company.

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