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Thank God we are not in the 18th century where you had to build large wooden doors to secure a warehouse or garage. Also, opening and closing these huge wooden protectors would have been a tough job. With the industrial revolution in the 19th century and later developments in the 1970s and 80s, today we have sturdy rolling shutter made out of metal. Rolling shutters are mainly used in industries and garages where you need to have a large space for the movement of goods and vehicles.

Just imagine having large enough doors for a truck or car to enter a facility and the effort required to open and close it. Sounds ridiculous right? This is why the rolling shutters were invented in the first place. They reduce the opening and closing hassle plus also save a lot of space. In this blog, we talk about shutters in detail to give you a complete idea about them and also where you can get quality shutters for your place.

1. How Rolling Shutter Works

Well, it’s a much more complicated process to create quality rolling shutters for shops and industries. However, the basic idea behind is mixing the ease of using a curtain with the strength of the metal. Rolling shutters slide horizontally through guide channels fixed on both sides of the shutter. To work, a rolling shutter takes the help of several components at the same time.Β 

● Guides

As mentioned earlier, the main curtain operates with the support of guides on both sides. These guides are in a U shape to help the shutter to roll down while controlled in its rise and drop-down.

● Flag Post

A flag post supports the cheek plates which hold the curtains at the top and bottom. This flag post supports the overall structure of rolling shutters for better working efficiency.

● Curtain

One of the main components of a shutter is its curtain. It is made up of a metal sheet to provide strength. While it also uses tubes and link grilles square supported by rods.

● Bearing/ U-cup

A bearing is used in rolling shutter when a security break is not fitted within the system. It helps the barrel movement while being attached to the cheek plate.

● Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is a T-shaped structure at the bottom providing extra security to the curtain when fixed at the down end.

● Tabular Motor

When it comes to the operation of large and medium-sized shutters, particularly industrial rolling shutters, the curtain needs assistance for pulling it up or down. This work is done by the tabular motor, it is fitted into the overhead barrel assembly to assist the curtain movement.

● Cheek Plate

A shutter requires a cheek plate to hold itself on the guidepost particularly between the upper and lower end. These cheek plates have to be of good quality as they hold the complete weight of the curtains.

● Roller Assembly

The Roller assembly controls both the curtain and cheek plates to work with complete coordination. It works with the help of a tube with a hollow motor fitted inside with a shaft at the end.

● Safety Break

This is a crucial safety mechanism within the shutter mechanism. If there is a failure in the motor, the safety brake activates and controls the descent of the shutter in any kind of emergency.

2. Material Used in Rolling Shutter

You can get your rolling shutters made from different types of material suiting the needs of your establishment and budget. Further, it also depends on the specialization of the rolling shutter fabrication services you are hiring. Let’s look at the material options available in the rolling shutters.

● Mild Steel Rolling Shutter

Steel rolling shutters are among the most popular rolling shutters chosen by the majority of buyers. The biggest advantage steel rolling shutter offers is the cost-effectiveness with complete strength. They can be combined with grills and perforated panels to get ventilation and see-through effect if required

● Aluminium Rolling Shutter

If you are looking for something lightweight then aluminium shutters can be a great choice. More importantly, they provide extended protection against corrosion. Further, aluminium shutters also provide a great appearance to the installation place.

● Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter

When the majority of the focus is on aesthetics then polycarbonate rolling shutters become a great option. These are most popular for providing the see through effect with a lightweight structure. However, the cost for this can go above the steel or aluminium ones.

3. Types of Shutter

If you are confused about whether shutters would be right for you or not, don’t worry there is enough diversity among the rolling shutters for you to choose the right one. Here we mention the most important ones to help you make a choice.

● Interior and Exterior Rolling Shutter

The rolling shutters system can be modified based on the place of installation. Especially when it comes to the interior and exterior, the material density can be changed. As the exterior shutters are more prone to environmental elements than the interiors, there are different approaches used in their manufacture.

● Manual and Automatic Rolling Shutter

Depending on the use, the rolling shutters can be automated or kept manual. In the case of large shutter rollers for industrial purposes, it is best to use automated rolling shutters. As it is almost impossible to operate these huge shutters manually.

● Industrial Rolling Shutters

Creating shutters for industrial establishments is a separate specialization in itself. Mostly the shutter used is an iron rolling shutter which provides strength and security. The scale of manufacturing these shutters is mostly large as industries require shutter which allows the movement of large vehicles and goods.

● Grill Rolling Shutter

When an establishment requires proper strength along with proper visibility then grill rolling is a suitable option. It is made up of either steel or aluminium alloy. They are a great economical option providing great flexibility of use.

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4. Advantages of Roller Shutters

Rolling shutters are the answer to all the drawbacks a simple door presents. Especially in industrial establishments, the rolling shutter benefits are immense. Here are a bunch of them

● Better Use of Space

Spacing is a crucial aspect for a business establishment looking to maximize its efficiency. The space-saving feature of rolling shutters is the biggest advantage of a rolling shutter. The horizontal movement also helps in the reduction of opening and closing time.

● Privacy

The secrecy of affairs is an important part of work carried out in shops and industries. In addition, this is also an important requirement of residential premises. Rolling shutters offer a range of products that provide visibility options depending on the user choice.

● Ease of Use

A big point on which rolling shutter manufacturers focus is the ease of operation. A shutter provides a way to cover large openings while keeping it easy to open and close the shutters with motor assistance.Β 

● Weather Protection

Protection of assets and goods is one of the most important tasks for an establishment. However, most damage to these goods is done by environmental wear and tear. Rolling shutters protect from the effects of corrosion and decay with their strong sealing effect.

Rolling shutters are a great solution for protection along with durability. But like everything, the quality of a rolling shutter depends upon the quality of manufacturing and experience of fabricators.

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